Wilmot awards tender for hydro excavation truck for $637,203

  • Council   Fri, Jul 1st, 2022   Veronica Reiner

By Veronica Reiner
The Township of Wilmot agreed to purchase a new combination sewer flusher / hydro excavation truck from FST Canada - Joe Johnson Equipment for $637,203 plus harmonized sales tax (HST).
The decision was approved during a virtual council meeting on Monday, June 27.
During the meeting, Councillor Jenn Pfenning directed a question to Director of Public Works and Engineering, Jeff Molenhuis. “There’s been a whole lot of conversation over all of these procurement conversations of the rising costs of everything. Do you have any kind of a sense of how much this particular type of vehicle has increased?”
Molenhuis responded, “For direct material costs - there are a number of different material cost increases that have been reported over the last six months and certainly over the last two years.
“We do see a general percentage increase, but not necessarily something I could tie to this particular purchase at this point.”
The truck is used for public works emergency and maintenance activities. The unit is used in service delivery repairs for underground infrastructure, subsurface investigations, as well as preventative maintenance operations in the storm and sanitary infrastructure.
The use of hydro-excavation allows for minimal impact, damage and disruption to the environment and other infrastructure when completing underground works.
Township staff issued a Request for Proposal through Wilmot’s e-bidding website on May 6. There was a total of six document takers, and six proposals received at the time of close on May 30.
There were two proposals submitted by FST Canada - Joe Johnson Equipment of Innisfil, as well as two from JD Bruce Equipment of Greely, one from C.M Equipment in Ajax and one from Carrier Centers in London.
The proposal submissions were evaluated based on the following criteria, with weighting allocated to each: overall compliance with specifications (30%), warranty / delivery time (40%) and cost proposal (30%).
One of the FST Canada - Joe Johnson submissions was deemed the highest ranking proposal and was thus recommended for the award. “References have been verified and appear to be satisfactory,” wrote Molenhuis in his report.
Because of the time required to build and deliver this unit, staff issued the tender in 2022, but the funds will not be required until delivery of the unit in the third or fourth quarter of 2023. “As such, the RFP release timing was done in a manner to allow the municipality to plan timing of delivery and budget adequately for the unit,” wrote Molenhuis.
The funding source will come from the infrastructure reserve fund - sanitary ($435,000), and development charges - sanitary ($145,000). The township added that the budget would need to include additional funding of $17,105 from development charges and $51,313 from infrastructure funds to cover the budget shortfall.
A portion of the funding would be returned to reserve funds after the sale of the surplus vehicle, and there may be minor incidental costs to prepare the unit for integration into the fleet.